Green Board MT8.5"|Green Board 電子紙手寫板

Green Board MT 8.5 is a portable LCD writing tablet for all ages to share and to experess their inspiration. 
The magents on the back can attach the board to any magenatic surface. By sticking the stylus at the bottom the board can stand as a frame. With its large screen display,
Green Board is a perfect tool for meetings and discussions. You can simpily erase your image with a click of the button and
lock the screen by putting the pen back to its original gap.

◆ 8.5 inch LCD display 
◆ One-click to erase function
◆ Light-weighted design for users to carry around 
◆ Internal double magnet design
◆ 3V lithium battery
◆ Long-lasting usage 
◆ Single stylus in package


Size:  8.9 x 5.7 x 0.2 (inch)

Color:  Black、Blue、Orange、Pink、Green

Name:  Green Board

Battery: CR2032

Green Board MT8.5"
Green Board MT 8.5 inch
2018 new arrival!!

Slim designed 8.5 inch LCD display handwriting green board, convenient for users to carry-on.
The 8.5 inch LCD display Green Board is designed light-weighted for users to carry around easily. This portable digital chalkboard allows user to take notes conveniently with no limitation. No matter for your children in the backseat or for the meeting in the office, green board is your priority choice.
One-Click erase button design
Users can easily clear handwritings and drawing strokes by simple one-click.
Double Magnet and lithium battery designed
Double magnet and long life 3V lithium battery designed at the back of the green board, users can easily paste on any magnetic surfaces.
Display stand new function
Green Board MT 8.5 inch single stylus equipped with pen inside, which can be used as a frame support. You can display your image or message like a cake-walk!